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For more than 12 years, CANEX Die Board Industry has become one of providing plywood products manufactures for customers who demand quality. We are continuing that tradition in our die board, and other hardwood plywood mill. With the years of die board production experience we get many steady customers from all over the world. Our products mainly enjoyed great popularity in Europe, America, South Africa and many other countries. We have great variety of goods, and we can provide it in large amount.

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals work with you to advance your business, because we know that your success means our success.

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About Die Board

The CANEX Die Board Industry are specialized in die board production. For different uses, there are mainly two types die board; one is flat die board and the other is rotary die board. Both the die board are free of defects. flat dieboards with a wood and polymer veneer combination, as well as core material for rotary dieboard production. Birch and beech are the main materials. All flat dieboards are available raw, UV-coated or melamine-coated in both clear and proprietary colors.(Read More)

Who We Are

The company is predominantly involved in the manufacture, conversion and sale of Die Board . The company is backed by a group of highly skilled and experienced staffs who are committed to the company objectives. Company‘s aim is to provide reliable service and as a supplier of top quality die board products and services.(Read More)

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